“There Are People Who Will Benefit From Your Story Of Survival…”

Hey wonderful readers! I am back with my final Women of Faith interview of 2017! It’s been a great ride and I genuinely hope you have enjoyed the interviews. I sat down with Anaïs to discuss waiting on God. It’s ironic because I was an hour late to meet her. Shout out to Anaïs for being wonderfully patient with me! Anaïs is a freelance journalist working a day job in IT. In her spare time, she is a wonderful singer! She’s all round amazing! Enjoy!

What is a woman of faith to you?

Anaïs: A woman of faith is someone who keeps going despite the odds and it’s not about someone who doesn’t lose faith along the way. I think too many people think you have to be perfect the whole time. I think you still can be a woman of faith and falter; you can still be a woman of faith and have doubts, just as long as you don’t park there and you keep going. That is what makes a woman of faith, someone who keeps going no matter what, trusting that God is with you.


What encourages you to keep going on the times you feel like you’re waiting on God?

Anaïs:  What I put in. So it’s the messages I listen to, the worship songs when I don’t feel like praying, the worship songs that say what I need to say over my soul. So Take Courage by Bethel, “take courage my heart, stay steadfast my soul, He’s in the waiting.” The first time I heard that song, I was in a hotel room and got some bad news which meant I had to wait longer and I was really upset. I didn’t understand why God would do that. Why would He increase the waiting time – I’ve already been waiting seven years, do I really need to wait anymore? Once I heard that song, I played it on loop all night, I’m pretty sure I annoyed my neighbours over and over. I was crying as I was singing it over my soul.

If David said he speaks to his soul, why can’t I?

I think that for me is what keeps me going. What am I doing in the meantime? What am I listening to? What am I singing? Because sometimes I don’t want to pray, sometimes I am angry at God but doing that is a better way to deal with it than not doing anything at all.


What do you do in the times you are actually waiting for something to happen?

Anaïs: If I’m honest, I used to cry. I used to cry a lot in the waiting, I used to be upset in the waiting, have mini rants. I don’t really get angry with God but in the last year or two, I’ve been pretty intense with Him. But I think I just realised that this waiting period is a good period – to rest, to better myself, to learn new skills, to do things I’d never thought I’d do before. So I’d spent most of 2017 going on a full on theatre binge because I love theatre and I hadn’t been in like five years so I went to the theatre. I took myself to gigs. I mean if I’m going to be stuck here, I might as well make the most of it. So that’s what I’ve been doing in the waiting. What can I do that I’ve never done before? I’ve ticked about 10 things off my bucket list already; doing things I’d never would have done before to wait well. That’s what I’ve learnt to do but it took a while to get there. But I’m there now and it’s so much fun. It’s making the waiting season more palatable.


How would you encourage anyone at the beginning of their waiting period? Is there anything they can do to make the waiting period feel not as long?

Anaïs: I heard this quote from Max Lyons who said, “find what sets your soul on fire” and I think if you focus on that – find what you love and give your soul more of it. I think that will help the waiting time pass better because you’re obviously waiting you might not have necessarily anything to do in that period, so give yourself something to do.

Stop obsessing over the fact that you’re waiting. Stop obsessing over what you cannot control and take control of what you can.

For me, I changed my diet (something really simple), I started to do more things I love and I started to schedule time for myself because I was really good at meeting with people all the time but then not actually enjoying time for myself. So I’ve started to do more of that – more self love, more self care – and then I heard this from RealTalkKim. She said something that blew my mind! And she said this, “sometimes God doesn’t stop you from being thrown into the furnace because He has a point to prove to the people who threw you in.” That really helped me think of it differently because you don’t know who is waiting for you to come out on the other side. That should keep you going. There are people who will benefit from your story of survival.

Who is your Shero?

Anaïs: For me, it has got to be Hannah, not just because of her ability to wait but it was how she did throughout it. I wrote a blog post about it called “Before the Year Is Out” and it was basically saying how no matter how the fight, that God said she was going to have a child but she didn’t hear anything, she wasn’t really sure. Throughout her time period, she cried in secret but then she went and washed her face and she went to eat with her husband and she just continued as normal and I think that says a lot about the posture of waiting. That’s why she’s my shero because sometimes I’m not that good!





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