“The One Thing That Has Stayed The Same Is God…”

We’re back with another Women of Faith interview! I got to hang out with Lydia God’s own Junkyard in East London and ask her a couple of questions. Meet Lydia, she is a English Language and Linguistics graduate. She was born in Germany, grew up in Birmingham and is now living in Basal, Switzerland! Quite the jet-setter! Through the British Council, she assists with English lessons at a school, where she has been placed for the year. We discuss what it means to step out of your comfort zone…

What is a woman of faith to you?

Lydia: I think a woman of faith is just a woman who puts her trust in God and she’s striving to become more like God, whether that be through the Bible or through prayer – just seeking God and then become more like him and having a life that portrays that.

Do you feel like God prepared you to step outside your comfort zone?

Lydia: Yes! I feel like even since being a child, there have been loads of little things that have happened that prepared me or built my character. I think growing up in Germany and growing up in the church there and my dad being a pastor, we saw so many different people come to church and have had relationships with so many people, then moving from Germany to Birmingham. That was really a step. It was a completely new environment, everything was new. So I feel like that was the first proper big move that I’ve made and having done that as such a young age I feel like that prepared me for bigger steps in the future. Then again, moving to university to London which is such a big city, so much going on. I feel like that was stepping out of my comfort zone and I didn’t know anyone in London when I first moved and to look back now and look at all my friends now, that’s crazy.

Just seeing how God has been faithful in my move to university that definitely gave me confidence to step out again even to a new country because I know He will be faithful there too. He’s everywhere!


Do you have any advice for anyone who is afraid to just step out of their comfort zone?

Lydia: The main advice is just to do it! You just have to take that step even if you don’t know what’s ahead, you don’t know what’s going to happen and we never will. But, just trust that God knows what you are doing there and He’s got a plan for you there. He’s going to be faithful through everything. So just take a step, pray about it as well. Even for me, it took a lot of time to even make the decision to move and to be confident in making a move. God just really reassured me at different times and even through other people in what they were saying. So, it’s really just a matter of trust, faith and taking a step.

How has your faith been impacted since you moved abroad for a year by yourself?

Lydia: Before I moved, there were some things in my faith life I knew I needed to improve on, like my prayer life and having a prayer routine. So one of the things I started doing when I moved was a prayer journal. I’d literally write down what I am praying for each day and I can keep track of what I’m praying for. Because when you move, everything changes.

My whole world has changed. The one thing that has stayed the same is God.

So having that prayer journal helps with growing in relationship with God just because it’s become a regular part of my day. I’ve grown closer to Him. Also, because everything else has been taken away, that is all I have. Finding churches means that I’ve had to lean in more and listen and ask “God, where are you guiding me?” “What you do what me to do?” “Where do you want me to go?”


Who is your sHero from the Bible?

Lydia: I’m gonna be cheesy and say that my shero is Lydia. In Acts 16 (v11-15), you read her story like she’s a successful business woman, like she was sowing cloth. She was doing life and she was doing well. I think it’s just cool how Paul came along and she was one of the firsts to convert to Christianity and then she ended up leading the whole movement of Christianity in Europe. I just think it’s beautiful how open she was with her life. She had a business, she had things going on, but she opened her life to God and she influenced so many people.




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