The Joys Of Masturdating…

YASSSSSSSS! Who would have thought it? I have finally done the impossible.

I am FINALLY content with being single!


Learning to enjoy and embrace singleness is something I’ve wrestled with since I learnt what the words ‘dating’ or ‘boyfriend’ meant. Its something we ladies don’t like to admit either. We don’t like to be single. Let’s be honest. We like posts on social media that are tagged with #CoupleGoals, #Bae and #Him. Whilst deep down in our hearts we wish that was us. All bae’d up taking cute pictures of ‘Him’ and all our girl friends commenting ‘yasssss’, ‘soo cute’ and #goals. Everyone desires intimacy. We all want to be known. There’s nothing wrong with that. But being in a relationship doesn’t actually complete you or fulfil you like you think it would.

If you had spoken to younger Satta, she would have told you that she would have expected to be bae’d up and engaged all by 23. #FAIL. Ok, so bae hasn’t rolled through yet, what am I doing til then?



Now, I didn’t write masturbate (got your attention now, right?).

Masturdate. Masturdate is the art of taking yourself out. Being in a relationship with yourself. I don’t believe you can have fruitful relationships if you don’t have a good relationship with yourself first. Self care is very important! Take yourself out!! Dress up for you! buy treats for you! Treat yo’self! Explore your town/city/country! Explore the world! Learn new things! Learn new skills! Develop new skills! Meeting new people! For me, masturdating also involves seeking God. Learning how to be a Biblical woman of God. Learning how to becoming Biblically literate! These are all things I want to do as I masturdate.


I am also not waiting for a man to come into my life, if I’m being honest. I don’t expect to be in a romantic relationship or get married because I don’t believe God owes me that. There’s a little misconception in Christianity, that if you are waiting ‘well’ by serving in Church and being about the Father’s business then God will reward you with marriage. Well, I believe that God has called us to live a life that is set apart and to walk in obedience before Him. Whether marriage is part of the package or not, isn’t a biggie. Desiring marriage or a romantic relationship is not wrong! When it becomes an idol, that’s when it becomes an issue! Remember, intimacy and the desire of being known can be found in Christ. Plenty of people live fulfilling single lives! After all, like marriage, singleness is also a gift! I encourage you to study 1 Corinthians 7 on what God says about it!

Go with my advice.

Don’t wait. Masturdate.

Be opened,

Satta x





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