Shift Weekend 2017

From the 7th – 9th July, I was in Gloucester. My car filled with camping equipment, water and fresh expectations, me and a friend made our way to Gloucester to spend a weekend refreshing ourselves and ‘shifting’ our perspectives of our faith. Shift takes place on a beautiful serene and scenic farm, where a bunch of Christians camp for the weekend.

Shift is a community of 20-somethings and 30-somethings that yearn to see a shift in their generation, culture and their own faith in God. This was my second year attending and I invited a friend to come and experience the amazing-ness I did last year! And unbelievably, my experience this year has been amazing. I was wrecked, I was convicted and I was in awe.


In awe of a generation that genuinely long to see God’s kingdom come, a genuine community of believers who pray and love on each other. I was in awe of the God who in His sovereignty, allowed me to experience this weekend. I didn’t regret coming again this year (even though I actually hate camping) but it is worth it for the encounter you have with God.

Here is a very short list highlighting things that stuck with me and that I really enjoyed this weekend. There are so many I have but the blog will be crazy long! I highly recommend getting yourself up to Shift in 2018. The dates are not out yet but check out their website for more information on Shift! And definitely check out the podcasts too!


  1. “If the transcript of your prayers could be the script of your life, what prayers would you pray?”

The magnitude of this quote hit me! It really made me think about my own prayer life. Jesus said if we asked for anything in His name, He will do it (John 14:14). So who/what/where am I praying for? Are my prayers selfish and all about me? Am I praying for others? Am I praying for God’s Kingdom on Earth? Who is really being impacted by my prayers?! Am I praying too small? This quote is a major wake-up call to pray bigger prayers, because I serve a God that is infinitely bigger than anything I can think of. So do I really believe my prayers can achieve bigger, greater, world-changing things?


2. W O N D E R

To stand in awe and wonder continuously and constantly through my life. Sometimes, through the Christian walk we become complacent about who God is because life does get boring. BUT God is BIGGER. God is GREATER. God can actually do ANYTHING. Like, He sustains the universe each day which is being held by different laws and in different states. Unbelievable. Even more unbelievable, He sent His only son to die for US. I can’t Adam and Eve it! (cockney for ‘believe it’ plus a little biblical pun *BADUM TSHHH* looool). May we never lose our wonder.


3. Addiction is REAL

Usually addiction is something that is distant from us. Addiction is shown on TV soaps and documentaries but addiction can hit so much closer to home. We heard a wonderful testimony from a woman who had a drug and alcohol addiction. All from a void within her that could only be filled by Jesus and she is doing amazing today! Addiction can take different forms such as; substance (Drugs, alcohol), compulsions (Gambling, kleptomania, shopping etc) or sex. I was even shocked to find out that social media is an actual addiction.

The solution? Face the past. Recognise where the pain is and share them with someone. Identify where you went wrong and fix it (repent and amend it). And maintain these practices because consistency is key, right? Learn to check yourself everyday. There are groups that can help with your addictions. And you can overcome them! It takes a lot of work but it is possible.


There was so much more I enjoyed about Shift Weekend and I’ll definitely be heading back next year! From the talks to the party to the worship to the open mic night to the genuine community, there is a lot to love about the weekend! Definitely come along if you can! The dates for 2018 are on the website!

Let me know if you’re coming!

Be opened,

Satta x


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