Jealous For You

One day I went to a quiet place to pray and I was talking to the Lord about what was on my heart and He really convicted me of something…

Guys, girls, have you ever really wanted the attention of someone else? You know what I’m talking about, that guy or girl you’re so interested in or that person you think is sooooo cool and you just want to be friends with them? You find yourself always thinking about them, creating possible scenarios in your head, dreaming up possible conversations and imaging how you’d spend your time with them. You want this person’s time, love, attention and affection. You even find yourself being jealous of those able to spend time with that person! *sips very hot tea*

I was telling Jesus how badly I wanted the attention of this one person. I just wanted to be around them, hang out, converse, get to know them better. I wanted their attention. I wanted them to know I existed, that I am amazing and just what they need in their life! Big headed, I know. But I became delusional as to how much I just wanted to be around this person. I wanted them all for myself!

Then the Holy Spirit gently nudges me, ‘Satta, you know that is how I feel about you…’


God told me how He is jealous for my time, my attention, my affection, my love. We obsess over people who don’t want to give us that attention, instead of the One who longs to shower us with ALL of His love and grace. Now, God is not needy in the sense that He is desperate for love. After all, He is an all-sufficient God. But He is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5). He wants all of us – even the crazy, dirty, messed up, dark, horrible parts of us that we wouldn’t dare share with anyone.

He wants to give us the best thing we could ever receive – Himself. He is good. He can’t be anything else but good. But we divide our attentions and affections to things or people when it should be directed to God.

God wants us to get to know Him intimately, to seek Him, to pursue him, to be in His presence! We can only gain indescribable treasures from being in His presence and lose the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Brothers and sisters, let us give our devotion to the One who so rightly deserves it.

Be opened,

Satta x



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