Who, what, what, what, where?

Like who, what, what, what, where, nah but who who where?

Welcome to the first blog post on my new blog!! This blog is called Ephphatha Heart.

The word ‘Ephphatha’ (ef-fath-ah, ef-fa-tha) originates from the story in Mark 7:31-37.

31 Jesus left Tyre and went up to Sidon before going back to the Sea of Galilee and the region of the Ten Towns. 32 A deaf man with a speech impediment was brought to him, and the people begged Jesus to lay his hands on the man to heal him.

33 Jesus led him away from the crowd so they could be alone. He put his fingers into the man’s ears. Then, spitting on his own fingers, he touched the man’s tongue. 34 Looking up to heaven, he sighed and said, “Ephphatha,” which means, “Be opened!” 35 Instantly the man could hear perfectly, and his tongue was freed so he could speak plainly!

36 Jesus told the crowd not to tell anyone, but the more he told them not to, the more they spread the news. 37 They were completely amazed and said again and again, “Everything he does is wonderful. He even makes the deaf to hear and gives speech to those who cannot speak.”

This is a story where Jesus heals a deaf man with speech issues. Jesus takes him aside – away from the crowd – puts his fingers in the man’s ears and his tongues and says “ephphatha.” This word is Aramaic for ‘be opened’. This man was completely healed and significantly, the scripture says (in verse 35) his ears were opened and he began to speak plainly.

It is my prayer that I (and others) constantly receive this miracle daily as we continuously look to Christ, that He draws us away from the crowds and busyness of life and opens our ears and hearts.

My aim of this blog is to record and share my journey as God continues to open my ears, eyes, mouth and heart to receive His love, goodness, grace and mercy. Hence the name Ephphatha Heart. So I hope this blog speaks plainly about the goodness of God. I do aim to blog weekly, but forgive me if I don’t!

My prayer for you is that your ears, eyes and heart is also opened to the goodness and love of God through my writings and pictures!

Be opened,

Satta x

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